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Terms & Conditions

Hygiene, Health & Safety

The safety & welfare of our clients and team members is important to us.

To maintain our health & safety and hygiene standards, we ask that parents ensure their children do not touch any of the face paints or other equipment used by our team members. That children are supervised by a responsible adult at all times.


During an event a clean sponge would be used on each face. All brushes during any event cleaned thoroughly between each person. After every event, all equipment is cleaned to maintain our high hygiene standards.

If any event is to be located outside (not within a building), then the organiser of the event is to provide adequate shelter from rain or sunshine.

We will paint children over the age of 3 years of age, who will sit independently on a chair.

Children will only be painted once permission has been given by the parent/guardian. It will fall to the responsibilty of the organiser of any event to obtain in advance, such permission if the parents/guardians are absent during the event. 

If any person displays any of the following: intoxication; open wounds; sores; broken skin; eczema; conjuctivitus; psoriasis or headlice, we reserve the right not to apply any paints or products, so as not to compromise our Health & Safety and Hygiene standards.  

We will not tolerate abuse of any kind, be it physical or verbal and reserve the right to leave any event if such an incident happens to one of our team members. 

Products & Equipment

We use water based products, suitable for use on skin.  The products used comply with FDA and EU regulations. Some products on rare occasions can cause an allergic reaction - if this ocurrs, we do not accept any responsibility.


Any photographs taken, will only be done with the permission from the parents/guardians. 


Closing the Line

Please do not ask the artist to continue painting when the line has been closed, as they have been booked for a particular period of time. If however, the organiser wishes to extend the event timings, this must be done with prior arrangement to the start of the scheduled event.



We have public liability insurance of £5 million.  A copy of the policy can be supplied on request.

Booking Procedure

Firstly, please contact us with the following information either by phone or email:

1. Name

2. Date of event

3. Time of event

3. Location of event

4. Number of people attending, if it's a private event

5. For corporate events, how long the event is scheduled for

After your initial enquiry, we will email you to confirm availability for your event.  

We will then accept the booking once we have received both your email confirming the details received from Party Faces Facepainting and a non refundable deposit/booking fee of 50%  - This will then form a contract.

Any oustanding balance will need to be paid 7 days in advance of the scheduled event .

This also relates to Corporate bookings (payment terms are: on receipt of invoice or by prior agreement of terms)


If for any reason you wish to cancel your event (*except in the cases for 'Force Majeure'), after receiving a confirmation from Party Faces Facepainting, the following charges will be applied:

Less than 28 days prior to the event date: 50%

Less than 14 days prior to the event date: 75%

Less than 7 days prior to the event date: 100%

* Force Majeure

In cases of ‘Force Majeure’ (which shall be known as war, fire, death, illness or other capacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, national calamity, order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter, changes in law, foreign government policy, act of God), which are not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by the team member or Client, then the team member or Client may cancel this booking without penalty other than loss of payment already made.




Any enquiries please contact us on: 07790 575537